1. David Lanfair
2. Monster Chux site — Lanfair’s Fictious (Funny) Fashion Brand for Monsters
3. This happened... a funny interview with Dave Lanfair about the trials and tribulations of being an advertising copywriter. It posted on the “What Job Is Right for Me” website. Check it out:
4. David Lanfair was tapped by PikWizard for some insight around the one marketing myth he’s suplexed off the top ropes the most. Read on for his shocking conclusions. Dave’s 23 paces down, so keep-on-thumbin’ — right before Dan Ariely (who wrote the amazing book Predictably Irrational):
5. Another marketing site asked Dave, along with 14 other copywriters, to share his best tip.
6. The Great Courses (tremendous learning resource):
7. “Truth in Advertising” (a brilliantly-scathing short film about subtext in advertising; caution: strong language):
8. Arthur Ganson (kinetic sculptor):
9. Travis Louie (gifted illustrator) of divine creatures:
10. Corpus of Contemporary American English (a searchable resource of over 500 million words):