Scratching That Universal Advertising Itch
One of David Lanfair’s core competencies is ROI (Return on INNOVATION). He has a penchant for leveraging creative ingenuity to garner tremendous value, robust growth, and real-world success for individuals and companies.

Through his singular vision and ethos of aesthetic excellence, David Lanfair is able to motivate, mobilize, and connect with a universe of people.

Ultimately, his mission lies in elevating and energizing their lives through humor, storytelling, and artistic endeavors.

As a writer, advertising copywriter (WHO'S WON OVER 15 AWARDS), artist, entertainment media professional, and entrepreneur — with expertise in youth marketing; digital; gaming and toys; fashion; fast food; cosmetics; music; entertainment; and more — David Lanfair creates content that achieves any intent you need.

- 10 Reasons to Hire David Lanfair
“Everybody needs a go-to guy. The creative alchemist who is always trying to turn good into better and better into great. The thinker who takes off-the-wall and positions it perfectly on the wall. The writer who layers his words with just the right amount of insight and incite to make a genuine believer out of the reader. With a finely warped sense of humor, David takes pleasure in raising the bar, as I do, and will always be my go-to guy.”
Paul Posnick
Owner, Posnick + Advertising
“Collaborating with David and his ingenious mind on many brand initiatives for MTV Networks developed into some of the best projects of my career. David is extremely conceptual, with captivating ideas and innovative storytelling that drive head-turning, memorable, creative advertising and marketing campaigns. I always have a great time working with David; he continuously brings smart, targeted thinking and a fresh approach to initiatives that drive brand success for our clients’ content and products.”
Joelle Lau
VP, Brand Design, Nickelodeon Preschool Brand Creative
“David is one of the brightest and most creative talents I've witnessed in my years as an art director and designer. His unique and refined sense of humor and approachable demeanor were a pleasure and inspiration during the time we collaborated at MTV Networks. 'Dave-it' is a rock star copywriting expert and innovative idea man. A reliable go-to for any creative challenge, from advertising and marketing to innovation and technology. Regardless of the scope, with David on a project, everyone could expect results that were (1) smart and strategic, and (2) next-level creative. Regardless if it needs to be colloquial or irreverent, any campaign is in good shape if placed in the reliable hands of David Lanfair. His years of capoeira training might have something to do with it too.”
Houman Pourmand
Freelance Creative Director
“David is a supremely talented copywriter who always brings out-of-the-box ideas to the table. His concept development is top-notch. Whenever David is on a project, I always know that the end product will be clever and fresh. And he is also mindful of moving the business forward. I recommend David without hesitation.”
Cheryl Family
Senior Vice President, Brand Strategy and Creative, Viacom Catalyst
“David is an excellent copywriter and a pleasure to work with. I'll never forget one campaign that we both were working on, and all stressed out about, and he came up with the best solution by far. I'm still jealous!”
Hilary Snell
Award-Winning Creative/Senior Copywriter
“I have worked with many different writers over the years, but David Lanfair remains at the top creatively. Even when he is standing on his head or break dancing (or maybe because of it?), he manages to come up with something more unique than expected, which is why I continue to give him my highest recommendation in this industry.”
Helen Polise
Director/Executive Producer, Muthership
“David was a pleasure to work with. He would always go that extra distance to make sure each project turned out exceptional.”
Bjorn Ramberg
Senior Art Director, Red Fuse Communications
“David is an exceptional writer. He has a way of crafting a unique blend of creative writing with a sharp focus on the business message and always delivers a quality product.”
Jamie Manalio
VP, Creative Director, Definition 6
“I worked with David Lanfair for 5 years at MTV Networks. I found him to be a talented writer and a great partner. The enthusiasm and creative ideas that David brings to brainstorming were unrivaled at MTVN. I would not hesitate to recommend David for any project or position.”
John Farrar
VP, Design, Viacom Catalyst
“It has been my great pleasure to call David Lanfair a friend for years. It has also been wonderful to watch his talents, which began as sparks when we were in (cough, cough) grade school, develop into full flame today. David is (in the words of Ron Burgundy) 'kind of a big deal,' and if you are looking for out-of-the-box thinking and focused determination to get a campaign just right, he really is the go-to guy to share a creative foxhole with.”
Geoffrey Martin
Senior Human Resources Generalist
“David is professional, responsible, and able to perform extraordinarily well under pressure. He is an organized and reliable team member. David communicates effectively with clients and successfully liaisons with other departments. Additionally, he brings a positive attitude and creative energy to the projects he manages and to the general work environment.”
Chereta Quána Madison, MA
Artist. Author. Arts Advocate. Speaker. Teacher.
“Always punctual perfectionist. David definitely shines in a fast-paced environment. His technical background and proficiency and dedication make him a valuable asset to the team.”
Ellen Grenci
Account Manager, Synapse
“David . . . great writer, uniquely creative, superbly easy to work with, are a few words that describe him. While at MTV Networks, I had the pleasure of partnering with him on many occasions, in brainstorm sessions together developing great ideas for internal clients that exceeded expectations. His ability to inspire new concepts through copy, as well as his ability to complement and support dynamic advertising and design solutions, make David exceptional at what he does.”
Andrew Lopez
Digital Creative Director, NBCUniversal
“I've known and worked with David Lanfair for 10 years. He is one of the most talented writers I've worked with . . . he's very bright, always asks thought-provoking and insightful questions, and is able to take the smallest germ of an idea and turn it into something amazing. I would not hesitate to recommend David for any project or position.”
Audrey Singer
Freelance Project Manager, Charley Communications, Inc.