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David Lanfair has won a gamut of awards and shiny objects, including:
Adweek’s Best Spot
Art Directors Club
BDA — 4 Silver
Video Advertising Bureau
Creativity 37 Annual Awards — Gold
CTAM Mark — 2 Silver, 2 Gold
Golden Marble
NY Festivals
Print — Regional Design Annual
Telly — 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
The One Show
WorldFest — 1 Silver, 1 Gold
What a Difference a Dave Makes
David Lanfair has worked with a diverse range of clients that range from global media conglomerates to local startups to individuals, some of which include the following: AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION, COLUMBIA RECORDS, COMEDY CENTRAL, HIRO MEDIA, KUMMA, MTV, MTV NETWORKS, OXYGEN, POSNICK + ADVERTISING, RANCH ONE CHICKEN, RAY GUN MAGAZINE, SOMA MAGAZINE, SONY MUSIC, SPIKE TV, TIGER ELECTRONICS, and VIRGIN RECORDS.
Top Ten...
...Reasons to Hire David Lanfair
Creative Alchemy
Lanfair has a talent for taking raw information or data — the creative brief, the marketing strategy, the research, the talking points — and transforming it into the kind of creative gold that attracts consumers, builds businesses, upticks stock prices, and influences people to take action. As a matter of fact, he’s won over 15 top industry awards, which is an indication of the level of strategic and creative excellence that David Lanfair can bring to any company or business.
Ability to Write in Multiple Voices Across Any Medium
Because Lanfair has worked on (and driven the success of) a plethora of diverse brands — everything from kids brands like Nickelodeon and Tiger Toys, to adult lifestyle brands like MTV, Comedy Central, and Oxygen — he’s become extremely adept in imbibing a brand’s voice or vision or tone, and then communicating effectively and dynamically in that voice to influence its audience(s) across any medium or platform.
A Forte for Writing Virtually Anything, Exceptionally
Over the years, Lanfair has had to conceptualize, write, and execute an immense range of collateral, communications, and materials — everything from naming products, services, and businesses, to writing taglines, to creating trade and B2B advertising, to devising consumer-facing branding and marketing, to writing national TV and radio spots, to penning sizzle films, to scripting for events (like MTV’s “Rock the Vote”), to creating corporate holiday cards, to writing lines and copy for merchandise and catalogs, to crafting marketing kits, to working on upfronts, digital newfronts, and industry sales presentations, to working in multimedia, interactive, and digital platforms, to writing articles for magazines. And more. Because he wasn’t limited to one type of writing, David Lanfair’s writing muscles are not only strong but flexible. He’s able to tackle anything (and excel) because of this breadth of experience.
Strong Communication/Presentation Skills That Sell Ideas
David Lanfair has worked diligently in building his presentation skills. To quote Roger Love, “Innovation is exalted, but execution is worshipped.” Lanfair’s aptitude for “selling ideas” has developed the way most speaking skills develop — from repeatedly having to give presentations. At Posnick & Kolker Advertising, he pitched and won numerous accounts that garnered multimillion-dollar new business. At MTV Networks, over 10 years, Lanfair gave hundreds of internal and client-facing pitches. That’s part of the equation; the other part is that Lanfair has studied the work of presentation/communication experts like Leil Lowndes, Brian Tracy, Tony Jeary, Patricia Fripp, Dr. Tony Alessandra, Lisa Ford, Dalton Kehoe, and others.
An Art Background That Strengthens the Writing
Growing up, Lanfair had two primary areas of interest: art and writing. As a matter of fact, he won a complete scholarship for art at Kutztown University. “What’s the relevance?” you ask. Lanfair’s writing is informed by a strong visual foundation. Because he’s at home in the world of art, he’s able to communicate visual ideas fluidly with designers, photographers, directors, and other visually focused professionals. Lanfair is able to articulate ideas and concepts visually. This makes him a more well-rounded writer because his contributions don’t just stop with a headline or script; Lanfair is able to add a dimension of visual problem-solving to the mix.
Adding Value by Adding the Visual
To piggyback on the previous point: Lanfair thinks that problem-solving is a very visual process. You’ve got to see solutions in your head. A colleague of his said that we are “in the business of ideas.” Lanfair’s methods of solving problems are strengthened by his artistic talent. His mind doesn’t just work via words; it works in images as well, and this synergy between the visual and the verbal distinguishes him from other writers. Lanfair’s experience from having worked with dozens of teams has taught him that it’s not enough to come up with a great idea or line because many designers — most people! — require help in coming up with the visual component that articulates the idea(s). And because he’s able to come up with the visual component, David Lanfair adds tremendous value to teams.
Communication Excellence
There are tomes of research that suggest that 80% of all problems are a result of poor communication. In fact, 80% of why most people leave companies can be traced to bad communication. Tony Robbins states it succinctly: “The quality of your communication (with yourself and others) is the quality of your life and your success.” Lanfair has made it a point to seek out education from communication experts to arm himself with the best tools to help him communicate effectively — both orally and in writing.
A Positive, Value-Adding Work Ethic
David Lanfair tires to bring his best professional self to work. “Doesn’t everybody?” you might think. Not exactly. Lanfair believes that people can allow all sorts of quirks and habits and issues to interfere with the optimal flow of a healthy working environment. He tries to employ the attitude and modus operandi of “How can I add exceptional value to this company or department or individual or project?” Lanfair then looks for actionable ways to manifest this value.
Collaborative Synergy That Catalyzes the Best in Others
David Lanfair not only functions well autonomously but also in teams and groups; Lanfair attempts to egg-on and tease-out the best in people. He consciously tries to raise the group performance and output on projects, and he does this by pushing the quality of whatever it is the team is working on, while remaining sensitive to making sure that it’s done in a positive, supportive way.
Humor That Fuels the Work, and Working Relationships
Lanfair thinks that humor is huge in many ways. His unique humor is what separates his writing style from many other writers’ styles. It’s something that, when used appropriately and in the right context, has unmatched power in delivering messages and getting people to take action. In professional working relationships, David Lanfair tries to use humor to build rapport and also diffuse the natural tensions that occur when working in dynamic corporate environments, especially among passionate, creative people.